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Introduction to Parapsychology and understanding the Psychic Phenomenas & Abilities

*NOTE : This article is totaly written on my beliefs and expieriences. So i request skeptics to stay away.


What turns a mere piece of matter from being mere matter into an animated being? What gives certain special physical patterns in the universe the mysterious privilege of feeling sensations and having experiences?

D.R. Hofstadter

What is Parapsychology?

Parapsychology is the scientific and scholarly study of certain unusual events associated with human experience. These experiences have been called "psychic" for want of a better term.

A common misconception is that a parapsychologist is a psychic. Not so. Likewise, a child psychiatrist is not a child! Instead, a parapsychologist is a scientist or scholar who is seriously interested in the "paranormal." Unfortunately, many telephone books and on-line sites use "parapsychologist" as a synonym for psychic entertainer, mentalist, conjurer, astrologer, or psychic reader. This is an inappropriate use of the term "parapsychologist."

What does it mean to study psychic phenomena? A long-held, common-sense assumption is that the worlds of the subjective and objective are completely distinct, with no overlap. Subjective is "here, in the head," and objective is "there, out in the world." Parapsychology then is the study of phenomena suggesting that the assumption of a strict separation between subjective and objective may be wrong. Human experience suggests that some phenomena occasionally fall between the cracks, and are not purely subjective nor purely objective. From a scientific perspective, such phenomena are called "anomalous" because they are difficult to explain within current scientific models.

These anomalies fall into three general categories: ESP (terms are defined below), PK, and phenomena suggestive of survival after bodily death, including near-death experiences, apparitions, and reincarnation.

What is not parapsychology?

In spite of what the media often imply, parapsychology is not the study of anything considered weird or bizarre. Nor is parapsychology concerned with astrology, UFOs, searching for Bigfoot, paganism, vampires, alchemy, or witchcraft.

Many scientists have viewed parapsychology with great suspicion because the term has come to be associated with a huge variety of mysterious phenomena, fringe topics, and pseudoscience. Parapsychology is also often linked, again inappropriately, with a broad range of "psychic" entertainers, magicians, and so-called "paranormal investigators." In addition, some self-proclaimed "psychic practitioners" call themselves parapsychologists, but that is not what i do.

What do parapsychologists study?

Many feel that the strangest, and most interesting, aspect of parapsychological phenomena is that they do not appear to be limited by the known boundaries of space or time. In addition, they blur the sharp distinction usually made between mind and matter. In popular usage, the basic parapsychological phenomena are categorized as follows:

    * Psi : A neutral term for parapsychological phenomena. Psychic and psychical are synonyms.
    * Telepathy : Direct mind-to-mind communication.
    * Precognition: Obtaining information about future events, where the information could not be inferred through normal means. Many people report dreams that appear to be precognitive.
    * Clairvoyance : Sometimes called remote viewing; obtaining information about events at remote locations, beyond the reach of the normal senses.
    * ESP: Extra-sensory perception; a general term for obtaining information about events beyond the reach of the normal senses. This term subsumes telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.
    * Psychokinesis : Also called PK; direct mental interaction with physical objects, animate or inanimate.
    * Bio-PK : Direct mental interactions with living systems.
    * NDE : Near death experience; an experience reported by those who were revived from nearly dying. Often refers to a core experience that includes feelings of peace, OBE, seeing lights and other phenomena.
    * OBE : Out-of-body experience; the experience of feeling separated from the body, often accompanied by visual perceptions as though from above the body.
    * Reincarnation: The belief that we live successive lives, with primarily evidence coming from the apparent recollections of previous lives by very small children.
    * Haunting : Recurrent phenomena reported to occur in particular locations that include apparitions, sounds, movement of objects, and other effects.
    * Poltergeist: Large-scale PK phenomena often attributed to spirits, but which are now thought to be due to a living person, frequently an adolescent.

Now below i will focus and put a light on some major Psychic Phenomenas and Abilities :

NDE - Near Death Experiences

Near death experiences happen, when the spiritual entity leaves the matter body, which has been subjected to extreme stress by an accident, surgery or the like. There are several stages of separation from the body. If it happens during surgical procedures, as long as the body is alive the spiritual entity floats under the ceiling and watches what's going on. During this period the entity feels no pain and usually there is a peaceful feeling. If life is to continue in the matter body at some point of time the entity enters the matter body again. When consciousness returns pain is felt again.

In the next stage the entity is pulled through a tunnel toward a light - the expression "light at the end of the tunnel" refers to this situation. - Upon exiting the tunnel the entity meets other entities, usually relatives or friends who passed on earlier. These are very supportive and help the entity to understand what's going on. This is as far as a near death experience can go. Ultimately, the entity is told that his/her time to die has not come yet and then returns into the matter body.

On rare occasions, persons who had a near death experience report having been to a terrible place where horrendous suffering was going on. One should think that people who went through this terrible ordeal believe that they had been in hell. Therefore, many probably won't talk about such an experience. Only few are ready to admit that they did not qualify for the good place.

OBE - Out of Body Experiences

Initially are the same as the first phase of a near death experience. The spiritual entity leaves and floats above the body. This does not require a stressful situation like surgery and can happen any time day or night from sleep or waking state. Some induce OBEs with drugs; others don't need anything to make it happen.


The ability to move objects at a distance by the power of mind.


Teleportation is the transport of something through the quantum vacuum to a different location. As this happens in a realm where there is no space and no time this process is instant. Someone with sufficient spiritual prowess can teleport himself to a different location or can move an object this way.


Poltergeist manifestations can have two very different reasons:
Someone who lived and died in a house stays there after death. This is a confused spirit who has not realized that he/she is dead or has such a strong attachment to the place that he/she does not want to leave. Such spirits see people living in the house as intruders and try to scare them away. Exorcism rarely helps. Usually it makes the spirits angrier because they fell someone tries to chase them out of a place that belongs to them. A sensible approach is to talk calmly to the spirits and tell them that they died and if they want to have a happy life after life they need to move on to the spirit world. This does not make them angry and has a good chance of success.

The second kind of poltergeist manifestation usually occurs in connection with adolescents whose unconscious energies for whatever reason get out of control. Exorcism does not help. A relaxed even humorous attitude has a good chance to diffuse the situation whereas fear and anger will strengthen the uncontrolled energies and trigger unpleasant episodes more often and more violently. There are no pills that will help but a tea to soothe nerves and relax the teenager responsible for these incidences has a good chance to succeed. A cup of chamomile tea in the morning and at bedtime might do just fine.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to move, influence and extinguish fire. Pyrokinesis ranges from being able to move a candle's fire at will to being able to set something on fire. Creating fire out of nowhere is impossible, but with sheer determination you might be able to make something burn. This is accomplished by mentally heating an object which even though extremely rare is possible. I haven't personally done it, but I've seen it a couple of times.


Electrokinesis is the ability to control, generate, or absorb electricity.


autokinesis means skill to manipulate energy. It can be used for many things, example constructing energy wall front of us, and protecting then.


Geokinesis is controling the earth. You could a move rock, sands, make plants grow faster and other things like that.


Hydrokinesis is the ability to control or create movements in water at will.If you chose to learn how to use such a powerful ability you will with no doubt begin to learn and think you are going nowher.But everyone must begin somewhere.You will go form making small and hardly noticeable ripples in the water to making large waves. Hydrokinesis,much like other kinetic abilities,once mastered can be used for protection or to save a life. All it takes is, time, pratice, patience, and an open mind.

Psi Ball

PSI is a form of energy and making PSI balls is nothing more than making a ball of energy. You are in reality molding psi energy with your mind and hands to form the psi balls into a round shape. The vast majority of the time people call them psi balls, however, you can construct them into the shape of a psi square or a psi brick or any other shape you may choose.


Aerokinesis is the control of air. By using aerokinesis, you can create a small breeze, or a whole lot of wind.


 Dear Reader,

There are lot more abilities & phenomenas out there but i dont wish to mention everything here as i dont think you will read any further from here.
Even though if you are seriously intrested, you can contact me .

Thank you for reading till here with such patience.
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Hari Om


  1. really cool bro.. i enjoyed reading it.. and you should have added even more abilities because its a topic of interest, i don't think lot of people will be bored reading it! anyways nice work.. keep up :)

  2. Yeah, i was going to write as there are many things i did not write but i was not sure that everyone would read so much lengthy blog. You are interested but its not necessary that everyone is interested in such topic.
    That's the reason i mentioned above that if anyone interested, i am ready to share more information.
    And thanks ... !

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