Saturday, January 12, 2013

Women and Martial Arts

Many people think that women and martial arts don't mix. They think that women are too fragile.
Or, if a woman gets involved in martial arts she will start fighting or get aggressive and mean.
Sometimes, and this one is funny, people think that only unattractive and manly looking women get involved
in martial arts. None of these are true. In fact, these myths are just plain ridiculous.


Are Classes Too Rough?

While some martial arts styles are very rough, others are not. Believe it or not, even the rough
martial arts classes can be taken by women. That is what protective equipment is for. No one has to fight
in competitions, and people spar against those of similar stature and skill.

Will Women Become Aggressive?

Women who learn martial arts do not become more aggressive but instead become more confident. It teaches
them patience and how to control their anger. It is especially beneficial to smaller women who will need
to know how to defend themselves. Actually, all women need to know how to defend themselves in case of

Will Classes Make Women Look Unattractive?

As far as attractiveness goes, martial arts is great for physical fitness. It is a great way to lose
weight and tone the body. It will help in strengthening muscles and gaining flexibility. It helps a woman
gain self-confidence which makes a woman feel and look more attractive, thus shattering the unattractive myth.

How the idea that women and martial arts don't belong got started is beyond me. In fact, the two go very
well together. The benefits to women are too numerous to count. Not only does martial arts teach women to
defend themselves when they need it, martial arts helps women look and feel better in the process.