Friday, December 16, 2011

Jashinism - The Religion Worshipping Lord Jashin...

Main point of the article:

I have recently began a study of an ancient religion that spread through Japan, China, and Africa. This religion is called Jashinism. This religion is wildly popular among Naruto fans, though it is not a product of Masashi Kishimoto. I am going to explain this religion to you with hopes of spreading it’s main message/belief.

Deeper into the religion that is Jashinism:

Jashinism is a wide spread religion, though not many people have heard of it other than Naruto fans. Many people hear the name, Jashinism, and think that it’s fake but I assure you that it is very real. The main focus of this religion is understand one another’s feelings and inner(and outer)pain. The path of Jashin is about punishing thoughts who have failed to understand the pain of other while praising those who have been able to understand others. The path of Jashin is commonly called a cult but is in fact not so.Jashinism is similar to Japan’s old Shinto religion and both Buddhism and Taoism in the way that it is like a philosophy. Jashinist are required to be free of greed, lust, pride, slothish behavior, envy, and gluttonous tendencies much like Christianity, though wrath is not one of the sins for Jashinism.

About worship:

Jashinist worship the god Jashin, the god of pain, death, and destruction(not to be compared with the devil but however is more like Loki from Norse mythology). Jashinism is much darker than most religions and in ancient times Jashinists would sacrifice to Jashin, however now in modern times Jashinists pray more often rather than sacrificing. Jashinism has many prayers that can be said to appease Jashin.

 Interpretation of Jashinism and the truth:

In the hit anime series, Naruto, Jashinism is depicted as a violent evil religion but however it is just not true. Jashinism, though it had it’s bloody past, is more of a passive religion now more about it’s philosophy. Hidan,  a Naruto character who is supposed to be a “Jashinist”, is not the proper example of a Jashinist. However he is a good example of an old Jashinist belief: If you are a perfect Jashinist you become immortal so that you, as a profit, may spread the word of Jashin. It was said that perfect Jashinists would be “painted” white by Jashin(white meaning that they’d become albino).

What Jashinism teaches:

Jashinism teaches it’s disciples to not fear death and rather to see it as the end of a good run instead of the end of a life. Jashinism also teaches it’s disciples to be faithful and, as stated earlier, to understand pain.

In conclusion I hope that I have shed some light on the truth about Jashinism. I hope that my article has been useful to all of you. I’ll leave the final interpretation to you as the reader.