Friday, February 11, 2011

Importance & Benefits of Namaskar

The "Namaskar", also sometimes referred to as the "Hindu Pushups" is a full-body beast for fitness benefits. Standard military push ups are fantastic on their own, but when you add the fluid movement and endurance needed for Hindu Push Ups, the reasons to perform this highly effective exercise rise exponentially.
This was also one of the most important daily workout in Master Lee's fitness plan. 

    A Chance to Work All Major Muscle Groups in One Fell Swoop

  1. The Hindu Push Up hits pretty much everything from your shoulders to your toes. You can even get a nice neck stretch when you reach the last phase of the exercise and look up to toward the ceiling. This push up strengthens all of major muscle groups. It is fantastic for your shoulders, but it also helps to strengthen your core, legs, back, hips and chest. Your hands and feet even get in on this action since they are an instrumental part of the movement.
  2. A Massage for Your Internal Organs and Your Spine

  3. You can feel the benefits from the inside-out, since this exercise is a gentle flow of motion. Provided you don't have major back issues, this is great for strengthening your spine since your whole back is in motion.
  4. Doubles as a Great Full Body Stretch

  5. Often envisioned as our body as a wave hitting the shore, this fluid but powerful exercise stretches everything that it strengthens simultaneously, including wrists and ankles, something we tend to overlook in everyday stretching.
  6. Cardiovascular Benefits

  7. This movement has a flow of motion, which requires you to move your entire body, lowering it and raising it back up, which in turn will raise your heart rate, particularly when first starting out. In addition, as you increase your repetitions, you will maintain a steady elevated heart rate. You will also find that your breathing has deepened, which is good for your cardiovascular system.
  8. Endurance

  9. The Hindu Push Up rivals the endurance we ask of our legs in many exercises. You can build on your endurance daily as you increase your repetitions.
  10. Free and Mobile

  11. A simple beauty of this push up is that it can be done anywhere with no additional equipment and it doesn't cost a thing.


  1. Informative! I knew a lot about the Hindu pushups and its benefits, this blog increased my knowledge even more.. Thank you :-)